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Sponsor a dog for one of our Coalition To Unchain Dogs families

We do so much more than build fences!

We’ve helped thousands of families provide care for their dogs – collars, leashes, de-wormer, flea/tick medications, indoor crates, dog houses, basic vet care, vaccinations, spay/neuter and of course fences. Everything we supply to our clients helps enhance the human-animal bond between our clients and their pets and improve their quality of life. All of these resources contribute to changing the expectations of a family, a neighborhood, and an entire community for their dogs.

This focus on long term, sustainable change is how we plan to end to the cycle of rescue and repeat and elevate the quality of life for the dogs and humans we meet. Sponsoring a dog is one way you can help us provide these much needed services to Coalition families and their dogs.

Each sponsorship is a great way to say thank you to a friend, show a family member you love them, give a birthday, holiday or wedding gift that keeps on giving for years to come!

We will send a thank you and acknowledgment letter to the person you donated in honor of and for certain sponsorship levels the special gift specified below. To pay securely online, use the buttons below.

If you prefer to pay for sponsorship with a check, please send it to:
Coalition to Unchain Dogs
PO Box 3259
Durham, NC 27715

Your “Care Package” Sponsorship donation will help us update vaccinations and provide a leash and collar.


Shiny has been sponsored!


Precious has been sponsored!

Lil’ Man

Lil Man has been sponsored!


Princess has been sponsored!

Your “Spay/Neuter” Sponsorship donation will help us provide a vet appointment including spay/neuter and vaccinations.


Bella has been sponsored!


Diva has been sponsored!


Rosy has been sponsored!


Max has been sponsored!

Your “Movin’ On Up” Sponsorship donation will help us provide an indoor crate, collar, and leash to the dog you choose. What better way to help a dog than to transition the dog from living outdoors to living inside the home!


Daisy has been sponsored!


Max has been sponsored!


Max has been sponsored!




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Beyond Fences • PO Box 3259 • Durham, NC 27715